In my search to a zero-waste bathroom, I learn more and more how easy some things are replaceable or how to make it myself. After my switch to washable eye paths, homemade makeup remover couldn’t stay behind. In this blog, I will tell you what I use and how easy you can make it too.

1+1=2 and that’s exactly the case here. No vague ingredients, free of animal testing, cheap, environment- and skin-friendly. The ingredients of the soap dispenser shown below, consist only of olive oil and rose water.


When I tell friends what I use to get rid off my makeup in the evening, they stare at me with a raised eyebrow. That’s why I will sum up the advantages of olive oil: To start with, olive oil is one of the most natural and environment-friendly nutrients, since it’s the only oil that is still freshly squeezed without the interference of any chemical processes. Besides that, keeping olive groves doesn’t have an impact on the environment, because these trees grow in places that aren’t suitable for any other crops.

Except the positives sides of the making process, there are lots of positive sides as regards to the effects of olive oils on your skin and body. So has olive oil multiple positive effects on your health (although you will probably not notify these with this makeup remover I think) and it helps to purify your skin (which will definitely work effectively in this makeup remover).

Rosenwater too has many functions. Among others, it has an antibacterial and healing effect on your skin. Also, it helps to purify and strengthen your skin and it smells refreshing.

The only thing you have to do to make this makeup remover yourself is mixing rose water and olive oil (50/50). The oil will float on top of the rose water, so before usage, shake the bottle well. Put a few drops on your washable eye pads ét voila. Was your face with water afterwards or use a package free facial wash of, for example, Lush, to feel completely fresh before going to bed.

In the Netherlands, you can buy rose water in a glass bottle at Kruitvat (300ml for €1,99) and you can find olive oil in glass bottles in many stores and supermarkets. 600ml of homemade makeup remover will cost you less than €4 and will take you only 2 minutes to make.

Let me know, will you try out this makeup remover?

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