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Personal: An antropologist with journalistic ambitions.

In Anthropology, Dagboek

An anthropologist with journalistic ambitions or a journalist with an anthropologist’s eye. It all depends on how you look at it. The past weekend, I changed my Linked-In page, since a lot has happened for me the past weeks in the area of journalism and anthropology. I got a new job at a newspaper, I’ve been busy for Magazine Cul…

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Discover Florence in 13 photos

In Italy

In April a friend and I visited the beautiful city Florence. In this blog I’ll show you in 13 photos what we’ve done and saw that day. Many thanks to the amazing Jess who showed us all the beautiful spots. (:  The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore is the third largest church in Europe and one of the most beautiful churches…

diy natuurlijke wc reiniger

Zero-Waste Bathroom: DIY Natural Toilet Cleaner

In Sustainability,, Zero-Waste Bathroom

‘Why in Heavensake would you make toilet cleaner yourself?’ My sister gives me an indignant look when I ask her if she knows where I can find my soap pan. ‘Toilet clearer is so cheap!’ True, but it’s even cheaper when you make it yourself and besides that, it’s very easy and it doesn’t contain any harmful substances for yourself…


Behind the mask – This is Anonymous

In Anthropology, Art, Documentaries and Inspiration

‘The people with the masks’, that was how I knew this group. ‘A 13-year old kid that performs cyber attacks from his bedroom’, according to my roommate. But after watching the documentary We are Legion, I call this group ‘faceless people with a mission’. One just a bit wiser than the other. An organization that isn’t one. A group without a…

washable eyepads DIY 1

Zero-Waste bathroom: DIY washable eye pads!

In Sustainability,, Zero-Waste Bathroom

During my search to zero-waste/plastic free bathroom products, I’m still astonished by the fact how easy some things are replaceable or changeable. For example, I already changed to a bamboo toothbrush and I’m no longer using shampoo bottles. So it’s about time for the next step: washable eye pads! Disposable eye pads are super cheap, so no one will replace them for…