Het heeft een tijdje geduurd, maar hier is een nieuwe Human of the Earth! Paul Ram is ook een reisblogger en is een inspiratie voor mij geweest om We are the Earth te starten. We hebben elkaar ontmoet in de jungle van Laos, waar we beide in een schitterende homestay verbleven. We deelde een tent omdat dat goedkoper was en zijn naar een aantal mooie watervallen gereden op onze scooter. Onze wegen scheiden in Don Det, een klein eilandje in het zuiden van Laos. Dit is Paul’s verhaal:

My name is Paul Ram (30) and I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.In 2013, I cycled from the Netherlands to Pisa, Italy, which was my first time traveling on my own. Once I reach another country, my favourite way of getting around is backpacking on a low budget. Not only for that you can travel longer this way, but also for the experience with the locals and the adventure of arranging everything by yourself. I saved a lot to fund my travels and when I’m abroad, I also do some online marketing work and get some earning from my blog. When I was in Vietnam, I bought a motorbike to ride from the south to the north. What I think was really special were the people in the small towns who wanted to help us wherever they could. It was so adorable because they weren’t rich in the terms of money, but they gave me a rich experience by helping me. Another nice thing was in Mandalay, Myanmar. I rented a bicycle and rode around, everywhere were kids coming out of their houses to wave and yell “HELLO, HELLO” to me. Myanmar is my favourite place in the world so far. When I visited it in 2015, it was so untouched and the people were so real.

The most surprising thing I came to realise about myself while traveling is that it is all about having confidence. When you have a good feeling, everything goes into a flow and you can travel the world without any problems. Of course, there are some people who want to scam you. I have been scammed in China for 10 euros (which is four beers in Amsterdam to get things in perspective). That’s also a reason I try to write about scams while traveling, to help other travelers keep their confidence. Luckily, there are also funny travel stories; once I was in Koh Rong, Cambodia and I had an English backpacker above me in the bunk bed. They were loud all the time, which was pretty annoying. One night he was so drunk that he fell out of the top bunk on the wooden floor. I laughed my ass off. Since I have travelled I’m more relaxed and more experienced in things that happen in the world. I respect the way we live in the Netherlands more and more. Next stop for me is Australia. Which is on top of my bucket list right now. I will work a bit, buy a car and travel for another year! What I would like to tell others is to just go! Start small, build up tour confidence and make steps to travel longer and longer! Thanks Paul! Ik wens je heel veel plezier in Australia, maar dat gaat vast wel goed komen! (: Wil je Paul’s avonturen ook volgen? Check zijn website Go Backpack Go of volg zijn Instagram of Facebook pagina.