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Namaste, and welcome on We are the Earth! My name is Yalou (21) and I am in love with the world. Ever since I was little I’m dreaming of exploring the world. And that is exactly what I’ve been doing since I graduated from high school in 2014. I bought I plane ticket to Nepal, where my journey started. I fell in love with the Nepali people and their culture, with the nature in Laos and with the ocean of Cambodia. I was deeply impressed by Myanmar and hitchhiked all over Morocco. At the moment I am studying Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam and I combine my passion for traveling with learning about ‘how the world works’ and writing. I still have the urge to go out and explore and I’m already planning my trip for when I graduate. Are you traveling with me?

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What can you expect on We are the Earth?
On We are the Earth I invite you to shift your perspectives of the world. How? Through travel tales and beautiful photos of places I have visited. I share advice and tricks I have learned along the way. Also, I will introduce you in a fun and easy way to the world of anthropology by sharing essays and blogs with an anthropological view. Most people have no idea what anthropology is, let alone how interesting it is! Since the end of 2016, I also started a different journey: one to a sustainable and zero-waste lifestyle. You can follow my journey here.

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note: 99% of the photos on We are the Earth are made by myself. Contact me if you want to use them. 



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