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Oded with some local kids on Otres Beach, Cambodia.

Human of the Earth: Oded

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The Human of the Earth I will introduce to you this week is Oded. Oded and I ran into each other at the bus station in Pai, Thailand. After I told him I was on my way to a festival in Chiang Dao, our ways split. Only until I ran into him again two days later at the Shambhala in Your Heart…

Human of the Earth: Alan

In Humans of the Earth

The first Human of the Earth I will introduce to you is Alan. I met Alan on my trip to Morocco in 2015, where we shared the same hostel (Green Milk Hostel, great place!). When my boyfriend and I wanted to move on, Alan joined our hitchhike adventure without hesitation! The three of us ended up wild camping in Taghazout…

What is Humans of the Earth?

In Humans of the Earth

While traveling, you meet so many special people; people who teach  you life lessons, who help you and others around them, who travel in a special way, who have such inspiring stories to tell. People who are simply unique. These people all have a special place in my heart and I admire them deeply. That is why I want you to…