Do you leave tomatoes with a tender spot behind on the shelves of the supermarket? Or did you know that fishes with a curved tail don’t even make it to the shelves of a supermarket? Luckily, not all these products end up on the trash heap. At the Instock restaurants, they know what to do with products otherwise spilled, by literally as well as in a figurative sense, giving food waste a place on their menu. We visited the Instock restaurant in Amsterdam and had a delicious experience.

The Harvest of the Day was written on a big chalkboard. We decided to go for the four-course menu and while the cook was busy making our starter, the waiter explained us Instock’s concept. Each year, 1,3 billion tons of food is wasted. That’s one-third of the food production. This is a shame, since the biggest part of the products that are thrown away, are still very good to use. This is something Instock shows its costumers. They prepare their meals with approximately 80% fresh products otherwise thrown away by among others Albert Heijn (one of the biggest supermarkets in the Netherlands). Each day, products are picked up and with that Harvest of the Day, the cooks start to prepare something delicious (and good looking!).

  • tomato gazpacho as a starter!

A plate full rescued food!

The dishes alternated each other and each time I was amazed at what was put on my plate. A fresh tomato gazpacho was served as a started, followed by a nice looking plate with a cheesball and asparagus, hidden away under asparagus foam with little pieces of smoked mozzarella. All products I rarely eat myself, but thanks to the cooks of Instock, they tasted surprisingly delicious. At the plate of Thijs, the main dish was a ‘curved tail fish’ (one that didn’t make it to the supermarket but still tasted very good!), Mackerel Tartar with rösti and green beans. I was served a vegetarian version of it with fried chicory, cabbage with bell pepper ketchup (!) and green beans. How healthy right! We ended the night with a dessert of rice pudding, grapes, and foam of fermented tea. (Thanks to Thijs for remembering all these terms and for Google Translate to help me translate them to English, I hope it’s all translated correctly!)

Each day is a surprise what the Harvest of the Day menu will be. Not only do I like the concept of Instock, in my opinion, it’s also a very nice way to try out new things. I would have never chosen the chicory or asparagus of a menu, but they tasted so good! Instock makes sure there is a vegetarian dish each day and besides that, they will to everything they can to take into account any other diet wishes or allergies. However, they depend on their day stock, so they cannot guarantee anything.

Besides dinner, you can also go to the Instock restaurants for breakfast or lunch. They have opened three restaurants so far, one in Amsterdam, one in Den Hague, and one in Utrecht. A three-course menu cost €23,50, a four-course menu €28,50. Click here to see the breakfast and lunch menu.

  • A cheesball and asparagus, hidden away under asparagus foam with little pieces of smoked mozzarella. On the right picture, you see the home brewed beer of Instock. Pieper Beer is made of rescued potatoes and tasted good according to Thijs!

Giftcard Giveaway!

The winner has received his gift card.

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Click here to get more information about Instock and the opening hours of the restaurants!


This giveaway has been made possible by Instock. This article has been writting honestly and indepently.