About two years ago, I replaced my disposable razor for a copy of which I only had to replace the razor head. By doing this, I thought I was doing a good job at reducing plastic waste. To a certain extent, this was true, but there are even better alternatives. Meanwhile, I’m shaving plastic-free: with a safety razor. It took some time getting used to it, but I’m recommending it to everyone now. In this blog, I’ll tell more about this ‘old school’ way of shaving + a place where you can get your own.

If you want to go completely zero-waste in this aspect, you just don’t shave. However, not everyone is comfortable with this idea. Luckily for those, there are alternatives. Instead of using a razor made of plastic, I am now using a steal one, called a safety razor. It consists of a steel handle, blade and a head. It’s free of toxic plastics and rubbers and is thus very friendly for your skin as well for the environment. Only the blades need replacement every few months, but the rest of the razor will last a lifetime.

zero-waste scheren

My safety razor from Visagist op de Fiets!

zero-waste scheren 2

It looks dangerous

I will be honest, I wasn’t a fan of this razor right away. The first few times I used it I just didn’t get rid of the hair on my legs and shaving took me so long! In the meantime, I figured out how it works and I can very well appreciate the razor – that looks very cool as well if you ask me. Because this system consists of only one blade instead of multiple, the change you get ingrown hairs is smaller. The skin is tightened by the head of the razor and this way, the hairs are being removed at once, close to the skin itself.

Because of this system, you’re also shaving with more care and less rush. You have to, because if you do it too fast or reckless, the hairs won’t be picked up (my problem in the beginning). Since you’re taking more time to shave, it becomes a kind of mindfulness moment. This sounds like massive salesman talk, but when I think about the last time I seriously took the time to shave my legs and didn’t rush in a couple of hauls while in the shower, this mindfulness moment was about time to come. I haven’t cut myself once with the safety razor. This in contrast to when I was using disposable razors and cut myself on a weekly basis.

How does it work?

It will take time, patient and practice to learn how to use a safety razor. The following tips will help you:

  • Take a shower before starting. The hairs and your skin will soften thanks to the warm water, which will make shaving easier.
  • Use coconut oil or shaving soap, even after taking a shower.
  • A warm shavinghead makes the job easier, so put it under a stream of warm water beforehand.
  • Shave with short hauls. The head of the safety razor doesn’t follow the contours of your skin. So when you shave with long hauls, many hairs will stay behind.
  • Take the time to learn! (:
Een échte voor en na foto, in tegenstelling tot menig reclame.

A real before and after shaving pic, in contrast to most commercials.

Visagist op de Fiets

I ordered my safety razor at the Dutch webshop Visagist op de Fiets for €31,-. It came with 5 blades, with wich you can easily do six months each, if you clean and dry it in between shavings. The reason I ordered my safety razor at Marloes of Visagist op de Fiets, is of her philosophy. She aims for a more sustainable life and you can find this in her work as well. She only uses and sells sustainable and natural products during her work as a makeup artist and in her webshop. Besides that, she does all her work and deliveries in Den Haag on her bike!

Are you ready for a sustainable, green and in relation to other methods, a cheaper way of shaving? Order your own safety razor with a discount of 15%! If you name We are the Earth in the order, Marloes will give you 15% off. The discount only applies for safety razors and will end April 29th 2017.