Your hairs become wet under the warm jets of your showers while you bend to pick up your shampoo bottle. Cap open, dollop on your hand, cap closed. You throw your bottle on the ground and put the soap in your hairs. Easy. After a while your beloved shampoo bottle is empty. You aim it in your trash bin and get yourself a new one out of the top drawer. How much waste we create all together.. Luckily, there are alternatives! 

I study Anthropology and not Maths, so don’t hold me accountable for this sum, but let’s say one person uses one bottle of shampoo (while washing every other day) for one month. That are about 12 bottles a year, times the approximate years a person lives (=78 in the Netherlands). A person uses on average 936 bottles of shampoo in his or her live, and then the bottles for conditioner or shower gel aren’t even included! Try to image that; 936 empty bottles in your bathroom.

zero-waste badkamer, plastic free bathroom

Until recently, I used shampoo, conditioner and shower gel out of a plastic bottle, but in the meantime, I switched to something much more convenient. Among others, Lush sells naked shampoo- and conditioner bars and pieces of soap. The shampoo bar in the picture above is equal to three bottles of shampoo. Maybe it sounds a bit odd to wash your hair this way, but it is super easy and I prefer using the bars now instead of the bottles (I still use the bottles at the sports club, until they’re empty). When your hairs are wet, you pick up the bar and ‘comb’ it over it, in no time you have a head full of foam (it’s also possible to create foam between your hands if you prefer that).

A nice thing about the shampoo bars and soaps is that they don’t create any waste; they are package free! In the Lush store, you can buy a tin can to transport your bar (just a few euros). Also, the bars contain no harmful substances for yourself, the environment or the animals. All products of Lush are free from animal testing, are being made of fresh, biologic vegetables and fruits and essential oils. Furthermore, all products of Lush are vegetarian, and most of them are vegan. Another additional advantage is the amazing smell Lush’ products have and since they are not packed in plastic, your bathroom smells delicious all the time!

What withhold me of buying a shampoo bar earlier was the price. The yellow bar in the photo costs €8,95. Now I know that this compact shampoo bar contains the same amount as at least three bottles and that comes down to the same price. Furthermore, the above-mentioned reasons for among others the environment will soften the price. 😉


If this hasn’t convinced you yet to tryout (with Christmas?) a shower product of Lush, maybe these facts will: plastic is not digestible. It is an oil-containing material which is not biologically degradable, so the incineration is harmful to the environment. Yes, it is being recycled, but not all of it. According to Plastic Hero’s, with 25% of the assorted plastic nothing else then incineration is possible. The remaining part is being used in making granulate – plastic grains – which serve as a base material for new plastic products. In this case, transport and manufacturing cost must be added up (the plastic granules are a whole story in itself, more of this later!). All of this is unnecessary if we change to using package free products!

What kind of shampoo or soap are you using?
and will you change to naked shampoo bars or soap when your bottle is empty? 

A few articles in the photos are sponsored by Lush. However, this article is written independently and to my own experiences; Lush rocks.