An anthropologist with journalistic ambitions or a journalist with an anthropologist’s eye. It all depends on how you look at it. The past weekend, I changed my Linked-In page, since a lot has happened for me the past weeks in the area of journalism and anthropology. I got a new job at a newspaper, I’ve been busy for Magazine Cul and I’m also studying. Unfortunately, this has had its consequences for We are the Earth and I was unable to post a new blog every week. Curious what I have been up to?
Although it might seem like I don’t spend much time on studying, after all, you only see travel pictures passing by on my Instagram feed, I am pretty busy with it. I’m busy completing my second year of the Bachelor Cultural Anthropology. At the moment I’m following a course for which I conduct research. This goes hand in hand with a lot of writing. It will take me four years to get my bachelor’s degree (instead of three), to get the most out of my study. Next year I may participate in the Honours program, a program for students who would live more deepening. Through this program, I’m able to follow some awesome courses, such as a course about how theater methodology van be useful in social conflicts.


  • At the beginning of June, I visited Georgia together with 28 other anthropologists. I joined a trip organized by my student association Kwakiutl (named after Native North Americans living in Canada). Soon a photo blog of this trip will be published.
Besides this, I’m busy planning a reportage trip to Greece. For the past year, I’ve been writing for Magazine Cul, the anthropological magazine of the University of Amsterdam. Every summer, the editors make a reportage trip to a country and then write a theme edition about it. This year we will travel to Greece and I’m responsible for planning this trip.
Next year, I’ll interchange the function as travel coordinator for deputy chief editor. So besides planning the trip, the chief editor and I are getting acquainted with the new work. I’m mostly busy with having meetings, brainstorming, having job interviews and a lot of planning. The magazine(‘s website) is in Dutch, but if you are interested, follow our Instagram to stay up to date of our trip in Greece.
Because I apparently can’t get enough of writing, I also got a new job! I find it kind of cool to say I’m working for Het Parool. This is the newspaper of Amsterdam. I’m working for the internet editorial office and I have to make sure that the articles from the new paper are ready to be published on the website. Totally different from the catering industry jobs I’m used to, but very interesting.

Palestina 2

  • In January I visited Israel and Palestine together with my brother. I have at least two more blogs coming up of this trip. So stay tuned!

 The past weeks and the coming two weeks, most of my time will be spent on these things. Working for Magazine Cul, working for Het Parool and working for my study. I have a list of article ideas that I would love to elaborate, but when I’m finally done working for the other things, I can’t see any other letter. Besides, having a social life too is very nice.

In two weeks time, we will go to Greece, a week that will hopefully work out flawless and that will be, without a doubt, much fun. The 11th of July the other editors fly back to Amsterdam, except me. I don’t have any detailed plans for this summer, but that they will consist of traveling is for sure. These days I will find a spot in a hammock somewhere on a white beach, and I will write all the articles I have stuck in my mind for so long already.

So keep an eye open for new posts on We are the Earth, because soon, new adventures will be put into words!

Tell me! What are your summer plans? Wanna meet somewhere in Europe or do you have any advice for Greece?